Tuesday, May 09, 2006

four weeks left...

and so we're in the final stretch.

i just finished watching the gilmore girls season finale--wow. the last scene with rory and logan got to me a little bit (too many teary goodbyes in the past at airports, etc.) but i'm really wondering how they're going to resolve this whole luke/lorelai thing. and now i only have four months to wait and find out :)

much better weekend than last weekend. nice, relaxing and productive. i had a photo shoot saturday afternoon for the engaged couple, and they turned out so well. it had rained all friday night, so the ground was soaked but i thought ahead and brought a neat sheet for them to sit on. well, i got extremely muddy and wet in the process of taking the pictures, so i changed as soon as i got home and threw my clothes in the wash. of course, about 30 minutes into the cycle, i gasped and realized that i was also currently washing the check the girl had given me earlier. at that point, it was dissolved and turned up later in my lint trap. oh well... life goes on.

softball game tonight, and after our long practice sunday afternoon, we were feeling pretty good. we did great the first few innings, but then hit some rough spots and ended up losing by four runs. we did have a second occurance of a guy saying "easy out" when a girl got up to bat for the first time (this time with katie.) and of course, she ended up getting a hit and on base and eventually scoring. but what makes these guys think that it's okay to say that when we're not supposed to say anything negative like that as it is? when i asked to see if we could do anything about it, i didn't get much of a response, which of course makes me more determined to actually do something about it. it's just like--if they want girls to play, and they need girls on the team in order to play--then stand up for us and don't let us have to deal with this when guys never hear anything like that. so there.

(by the way, i scored a run tonight.)

busy stuff at work. LOTS of drama today. doesn't look like it's going to calm down any as we get to the end of the year.

and this coming weekend, it'll be home for mother's day and then on to winston-salem for maggie's graduation. yay :)

until then... later, y'all.

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