Monday, May 01, 2006

little notes...

busy back at school--a few regular cases, a few new ones that are trying to pop up in the last 5 weeks. it'll be a huge push to the end of year, but i'm looking forward to it. i've got tutoring lined up to keep me busy through out the summer, a colorguard camp, and a few photography appointments. nice.... (considering all three keep me occupied, happy and bringing in some extra cash)

softball--great game on tuesday (17-10), not so great tonight (1-18--yeah, seriously). i did have an experience tuesday, though, where the first time i got up to bat, before i had even swung at a pitch, the manager of the other team was saying to his players, "alright, defense, easy out, easy out." that got me mad enough to hit a line drive to 3rd that got me on 1st and eventually got me home. i do not consider myself the best softball player, but atleast give me the benefit of the doubt. especially in church league! goodness...

by the way, we have our pink shirts now. they're like fuschia pink. they're awesome.

so i started feeling a little yucky friday afternoon and just figured i had some food poisoning. i had a school event in the evening, so i sucked it up and went on (a foot soak spa party courtesy of some oakwoodettes). well, i barely made it through without getting sick, and the minute i got back, i was in the bathroom. it stayed with me through the night and saturday morning, and it wasn't until i talked to a few more oakwood people that i found out it was not food poisoning, but one of the most widespread stomach bugs we've seen move through the school in a while. five teachers out this morning, several students went home, and about 8 or 10 teachers reported having it over the weekend. craziness...

did another photo shoot with one of my 7th grade girls sunday afternoon. they turned out BEAUTIFUL... i love doing this kinda stuff. :)

and that's about all for now...later, y'all.

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