Saturday, May 13, 2006

happy early mother's day

so i'm in fayetteville, posting cause there's nothing on tv. and tomorrow, after the mother's day festivities finish, i will be off to winston-salem to celebrate the culmination of four years of hard work for miss maggie grace. i'm almost as excited about the opportunity to photograph wake forest's campus. ever since i walked on that campus eight years ago during our spring "college tour" trip, i have always loved it and appreciated it for the classic red brick, magnolia tree lined quads and wrought iron work. it is truly gorgeous--and i'm truly happy to be sharing this experience with maggie and her family (who have adopted me as a daughter more than once).

it's been a busy week with me, with another loss in softball and some minor drama at school. when is there ever not drama? we've also gotten to the point of the year where we're doing our sex education that has (not surprisingly) fallen under my umbrella to organize, facilitate and in some cases, teach. another reason i should have a written job description next year ;) anyways, it's almost over and it has actually gone incredibly well. we had a few complaints last year about how it was handled but there have been none so far and i've actually received several compliments. always a good sign.

i stopped in and listened to the band practice the other day since i wouldn't be able to attend their concert. i miss band rehearsal. sounds crazy, but i really do. i need to find an outlet for this....

and justin is wonderful. i am constantly reminded of that and i appreciate it more and more every day. the more i learn of the world and other relationships and how things could be--i'm so happy that we have one another and that things are the way they are. just had to share...

later, y'all.

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