Sunday, June 18, 2006

little tidbits

tuesday--first win of the season in softball. thursday--lost again by 15 in a shut out. can't win 'em all...

tutoring sessions for the week--check. i like this job.

my office at work is now a lovely, bright shade of carolina blue. i painted for many many hours last week, and i've come to the conclusion that painting cinder block is not as easy as you think. hallie's office has a little picture of sunflowers and ladybugs on one wall. i think i'll stick to that kind of painting.

milo does not do well in the car. he also doesn't do well in the vet. he howled, hissed, growled, and panted (yes, panted) his way through the entire visit, to the point where his shot required me, the vet, the vet assistant and a towel over his head to get through it. it was a pleasant afternoon...

end of the school year breakfast with the girls at the mennonite restaurant--check. huge pieces of french toast made with homemade bread and homemade butter syrup and a big mug of coffee...oh my goodness...doesn't get much better than that.

father's day lunch with dad in goldsboro--check. family time and barbeque=good stuff.

wedding photographers have a hard job. i now appreciate that since i took a stab at wedding photography (my "professional" look in the picture.) long day, about 450 pictures (and this was a relaxed ceremony.) i can only imagine what's invovled in photographing a larger, more traditional ceremony. at any rate, i'm happy with the way the pictures turned out, and i put some of my favorites up on flickr. justin and i finished up the night hanging out with his friend kenny and his son kaleb. fun times.

and this coming week is my colorguard camp in the morning, with a culminating DCI show in benson on sunday evening. gotta go ready for it now...

later, y'all.

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