Sunday, June 11, 2006

quick post

yeah, yeah, i know it's been a while. but i've been enjoying my summer :)

so what's happened over the past couple of weeks? well, let me fill you in...

there was the last week of school, which included exams for the older kids, lots of field trips for the younger ones and days where i just wasn't sure what i was getting paid to do. but we had a good time and i can't believe i've said goodbye to several students that i won't see again. there was also the "end of the school" dance where i helped organize and decorate along with some 8th grade parents, and was the object of some very overt attention from the hired DJ. we're talking making the oh-so-mature "turn around and pretend you're making out with the wall" motion towards me, along with a not so appropriate dedicated song--"let's get it on." yes, that made for an interesting night.

ocracoke...oh, i've fallen in love with it. you can check out my pictures with the link to the right, but doesn't compare with being there. we rode bikes, we went to the beach where almost no one was there, we shopped, we strolled around the quaint little village and ate wonderful seafood--it was just amazing. i didn't want to come back, but i had to finish up my teacher workdays.

monday, there was a surprise field trip for the teachers. we were told to come wearing comfortable clothing and that transportation would be provided for us. well, the bus pulled up and was all decorated with vines and gardening stuff, and we all piled on to go to our secret destination--a backyard barbecue at one of the faculty member's houses. there was also a pool in the backyard, along with a trampoline, and by the end of the afternoon, half of us were in the pool with our clothes on and drying off by jumping on the trampoline. there's a reason we work with kids :)

we finished up the rest of the week with meetings and supply orders and coordinating my tutoring schedule for the summer. it's looking like tuesday and thursday mornings only, which is great cause i can enjoy the rest of my summer as well.

and this weekend, it was visiting with justin's friend jon, seeing a couple of movies, relaxing and enjoying the first of what will be many three day weekends. justin's four ten-hour days schedule gives him fridays off, so we will be enjoying that for the next couple of months while i'm off as well.

coming up--my first wedding photo shoot. i bought tons of photo stuff this weekend, including a 1 gb memory card, rechargable batteries, an oh-so-cute camera bag and a portable tripod. i feel like i'm almost an "amateur professional"--ha, we'll just see how the pictures come out.

alright, off to "sunday in the park." i love free outdoor concerts in the summer. later, y'all.

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