Sunday, June 25, 2006

weekend's amazingly coming to a close, though i still have a big event this evening--DCI show in benson. keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get rained out, that they'll atleast do standstill performances (and that we aren't too delayed in getting back...)

colorguard camp this past week went incredibly well. two new girls, three of my regulars and a performance at the end of the week where all of the parents and even a few of my friends/family came.

only a couple of tutoring sessions this week with all of the colorguard stuff. and of course, a couple of losses in softball with some hot, muggy, humid games (even at 8:30!)

friday afternoon trip to the beach--so nice and so needed. we got down there at 5, stayed out on the beach until 8, got dinner at a diner on the way out and were back to greenville by 11. it hit the spot.

housewarming party for justin's sister on saturday night--grilling out, lots of conversation, and even a game of "cranium" that lasted late into the evening.

and next week looks like tutoring, baby-sitting, and softball (though they will be the last two games of the regular season--thank goodness!)

that's about it for now... i've got writer's block or something. anyways, later, y'all...

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