Monday, May 28, 2007

three and a half days...

that's all we have left of the school year with kids. granted, there'll be three more days of meetings the next week, but still... it's getting close.

justin and i celebrated our month-iversary on monday of last week. it's hard to believe it's already been a month, and we're also nearing our next milestone--the house closing--in just a little under two weeks. i've already started packing boxes, but it's awesome to know that this is the last time i'll be packing things up in several years--YEARS! as a girl that's moved atleast once a year for the past six years, this is a huge sigh of relief.

our weekends have been crowded lately, so it will be nice to be a little settled in a while. we're busting out of the apartment, between justin's stuff and wedding presents, so it's actually been good to be out of the place during the day. maggie's wedding in winston-salem was fabulous, a classic southern affair in black and white, complete with horse and carriage, champagne toasts and huge oak trees. the next weekend was a weekend of showers, with linda's bridal shower brunch on saturday and katie's baby shower on sunday. and this past weekend, for the holidays, we headed to fayetteville to redo my room at home so it is now gender neutral, clean, and can accommodate justin and me quite comfortably. we were also able to squeeze in a trip to the beach yesterday for justin's sister's birthday. though it was crowded in the parking lot, fighting the traffic was well worth it once we got on the sand and in the water. a beautiful day for beaching and cooking out.

and today--well, justin had to work, so i'm catching up on cleaning, errands and packing. quite productive and preparing for our last week of classes. summer's almost here...

later, y'all.

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