Thursday, June 07, 2007

i am surrounded by boxes...

two cats, a bunch of plastic bags, and more stuff than i know what do with.

moving is fun, right?

well, school is out--for good. we had our last day of teacher workdays yesterday, wrapping everything up with a bowling party. this was after we were out late on tuesday night for the board of trustees dinner and some fun afterwards at chefs 505. and, of course, the three days of meetings. don't forget those! and erin's wedding on, lots of social stuff with work lately.

i've learned that the end of the school year is tough on me, very bittersweet and nostalgic. trust me, i'm happy when summer gets here. that's one of the perks of being on the summer schedule. you work really hard for 9 months and then get three months off as a reward. however, the transition time is difficult. i love my routines, i love seeing my favorite students all the time, and when it's time for people to move, or leave, or teachers to get switched around, it always leaves me wanting things to stay the same. i'm going to miss some very sweet kids next year, i'm going to miss some fabulous co-workers, and i won't find out what that's going to feel like for another two and a half months.

back to erin's wedding--erin has been my fellow bride-to-be this year. she was a new teacher, i came back to school engaged, and we realized our weddings would only be a few weeks apart. it was so nice to have someone with which to comiserate when you'd made your fourth trip to david's bridal in a month, or you couldn't figure out where to hold the rehearsal dinner. we had a great time at each other's showers, planned the talent show together at school, and i was always dropping in at her chorus class (just cause it made a nice end to my day). her wedding was beautiful, at the episcopal church downtown, and just so "erin and matt." i mean, who else but a couple of chorus students would have the bride walk down to a choir singing acapella latin hymns? the reception was held at their home on 5th street just a little ways down from the university. gorgeous, even with a little drizzle of rain, and i've never seen her look happier.

and now, with all of those social events over, it's time to focus on the move. we have our final walk-through and closing tomorrow, and then we pick up the big truck and get started. it's overwhelming right now, but i know it'll turn out okay has before. and it's so nice to know that this is the last move we'll make for several years. as someone who has moved every year for the past six years...i'm excited about a feeling of permanence. it will be a couple of weeks before the place truly feels like it's our own, until all of the little details and touches are taken care of. but tomorrow, it will be OURS and that's an awesome feeling.

(and justin is a wonderful husband cause he's letting me go off on saturday and take pictures for a student's bar mitzvah and i'm leaving him there alone to set up the house and all of the electronics--he's so good to me).

alright, i suppose i should pack...

later, y'all :)

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