Wednesday, June 13, 2007

playing house :)

so we're in, we're somewhat settled, and we're learning all of the things that go along with having a house.

for example--trashcans and mailboxes don't come with the house. you have to get those. you don't get mail until you have a mailbox.

blinds, too.

and in our case, grass didn't come either.

but other than that, it's been wonderful and such a learning and growing experience. i love having space for everything, even though i don't like figuring out where to put all the stuff. i love having room for all of our furniture, though we're still figuring out how to make it match--and some of it might not, but we're atleast attempting it.

we have more channel options on satellite that we know what to do with, and i'm getting caught up on all of those summer doctors, vet and dentist appointments that i always try to schedule for the week after school. milo's going to the vet tomorrow--and after our embarrassing display last time where it took the vet, vet tech, myself and a towel to restrain him, we have some pills to sedate him and hopefully make it an easier time for all of us.

i'm still in that weird transition time, though, between school and summer when i'm not quite sure what to do with myself, and feeling a constant need to be productive. i am getting up to work out with a friend from work in the morning during the week, and i'm loving the weather in the evenings for walk around the neighborhood. it hasn't quite hit that humidly hot weather yet--except, of course, on the day we moved. otherwise, it's running errands, doing stuff around the house and making plans for the rest of the summer. it looks like there will definitely be some beach time in there :)

alright, that's all i can ramble about right now. i promise to have pictures up of the house once it's in some sort of order. later, y'all

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