Tuesday, July 29, 2008

finally posting

though i certainly didn't intend to get a couple of weeks behind in posting, the sheer number of photos and events that i've been working with made it so. i wanted to use justin's macbook for the wedding pictures, but needed some of my pics that weren't up on flickr--so here we are. finally have moved them all to the right places.

last week flew by with a crazy busy schedule that almost did me in. after a fabulous cook-out with my new co-workers and a great kick-off for vbs on sunday (covered on reflector.com of course) i learned that i was in charge of one of the pre-k groups. not that i minded, but it was just somewhat of a surprise to find out on monday night that i would have a group of three and four years olds relying on me for the remainder of the week. it ended up being a fabulous fit--more than one mom told me that i missed my calling of working with preschoolers, and i got mistaken for being the mom of one of the kids because of how well i handled him. my only complaint was the 6-8:30 schedule that left no time for dinner with justin, little time to do stuff around the house, and was way past the bedtime of many of my kids. BUT it was only for a week, and for a week, it was fun!

combo of the regular church band and the youth group band--my buddy will there in the front!

i like this one not just because it looks like little miss jordan is in fish bowl (it's a playground window) but also because you can see me in it :)
ahh, angelina. cutie pie to the max.
and i could definitely identify with this little one (and wanted to take her home with me.)
all their cute little shoes in a row.so once we finished with that, then it was time to fix up the house. we got some great new couches from our friends jeremy and lindsey for a bargain price--and it was time to close in the shed that our neighbor john has been building for the past few weeks. justin was recruited to help on friday since it was his day off, and they made quite a headway on it, putting up all of the walls and trusses with the roof going up on saturday.

my artsy shot of the not quite finished shed.
saturday brought my second wedding photography job of the summer. this one was lined up with my hair stylist, and it was absolutely beautiful. i just loaded several pics up to flickr, so check them out there, and then there are more on my business site (www.laurenthornphotography.com) so sunday was church, "mamma mia!" with justin's mom and sister (where i got to see jennifer macneill-yay!), and hosting the small group at our house since we had jeremy and lindsey's furniture :) the weekend felt like it went by very quickly, but hopefully the week will go by just as fast! we have plans to go down to the beach on saturday and stay down east saturday night, so i'm thrilled to get a beach trip in before summer is totally gone.

and i leave you with a cow that i spotted on my way to farmville (another reflector shoot) who looked just about as comfortable as a cow could be in the middle of july.

later, y'all.

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  1. Lauren, I thought that cow was a hippo at first! Ha ha!