Sunday, July 13, 2008

wedding weekend in fayetteville

after finishing my first full week of work (yay!) justin and i spent the afternoon watching our wedding videos (also yay!) and then ran out to do some errands and enjoy the beautiful weather during dinner on the back patio at ham's.

saturday morning, we headed down to fayetteville for my second cousin katie's wedding. i helped katie and brandon find an apartment in greenville a couple of months ago in preparation for their move to ecu this coming fall. they are a sweet couple who have a bright future ahead of them, and we were glad we could be there for the special day.

with the wedding being in fayetteville, katie's mom had contacted us after our wedding to ask for referrals. we loved all of the businesses we used, so we gave them positive recommendations and encouraged them to contact them. they ended up going with our caterer, florist and photographer, so it was cool to see our photographers again and to enjoy the delicious food (and cake!) from the caterer.

so a few photos... me and justin after the wedding brandon and katie at the reception
doing the cake thing--they were very nice to each other!
there are some more pics up on flickr, so feel free to check them out!

we had another great dinner of crab legs over at grandma's and a nice visit to hay st. where we met the new preacher and listened to alan play during the offertory. complete the visit with a lunch at micasita's and a trip to edward mckay, and before we knew it, it was time to head back to greenville.

so now we're getting ready for another week of work and making plans for our big trip up to kentucky in august. i'm actually excited about the drive and the opportunity to spend some time in the mountains, so we're trying to make a mini-vacation out of it like we did with the weekend in charlotte. should be a good time :)

that's all for now. later, y'all.

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