Friday, July 18, 2008

kicking off the weekend

it's been a busy week with lots going on, and the weekend promises to be just as event-filled.

i'm still learning a lot at work and preparing to start with my first client family. yay! in the meantime, i'm having a great time getting to know people and finding my way around the office. i also joined the gym across the street and have made plans to meet a couple of my co-workers there in the morning. also good :)

on tuesday, i got to do a relaxed engagement shoot. this is a couple that has several connections to us--johnny is one of justin's longtime friends here in town, and heather is one of my new co-workers. they'll be getting married in october and though they'd already had their "official" engagement shoots, they wanted some candids and more artistic shots. we had a great time out at johnny's house, and they were so pleased with the results. i've put just a few up on flickr, so free to check them out.

i've been helping put up decorations for VBS at church, and i'll be volunteering there next week. they're going with an original theme--"Bible school musical"--that's modeled after "high school musical" of course, and i also got asked to cover it one evening for the paper. that'll keep us busy sunday night and most evenings next week.

and tonight, we began our task of shopping for a new bed and watched "the dark knight," which i watched through partially shut eyes a good portion of the time. great movie, but definitely a dark theme and some scary villains. i'm up for a movie with lighter content next time--anyone wanna go see "mamma mia"?

we're still making preparations for jon and carrie's wedding in august and have a few more pieces of information in place. we'll be staying at the cumberland inn, where they're getting married, and will have the opportunity to visit.... the kentucky fried chicken museum! no joke. i also hope we can check out one of the local state parks, cumberland falls. looks gorgeous from what we can tell by the websites...
and we'll be stopping in to visit with matt and patrice on our way up, and my great-aunt and uncle pete and mary on the way back. i'm excited to spend even one night in boone, since it's been....six years?...since i spent my summer up there with duke tip. i love the mountains in the summertime, and i can't wait to get a sandwich at "our daily bread" or maybe stop in at the real mast general store. should make for a great extended weekend and will break up the eight hour drive to kentucky quite nicely.

alright, that's it for now. later, y'all :)

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