Friday, September 24, 2010

another shower and nursery update

again, apologies for going another 10 days without posting. we've been busy and getting caught up on several areas, including my last bit of editing from previous photo shoots and organizing the nursery. it's so hard to believe that next week is the beginning of october! i am finally feeling more confident that davis could come early and we'd be okay--but i'll still give him some time :)

today at lunch, we had my baby shower with my work friends. i work at a small mental health agency with some amazing friends. i really am blessed to work with some great people, and even some of my friends that no longer work there came back for the shower today. so nice to catch up with them!

i could not get over the details on this gorgeous (and delicious!) cake--the baker did such an awesome job of matching the details in davis's room.
and amber wowed us again with one of her adorable diaper cakes--she included lots of necessities, like pacifiers and medicine droppers, as well as some "life is good" stuff--and the diapers were chlorine-free! though we plan on doing cloth diapers for the majority, i like the idea of chlorine-free disposables when we have to use them. less impact on the environment with chemicals going into the ground, fewer harsh chemicals on my baby's bottom.
oh, and this sign was so cute. can't wait to put it on our front door!
a peek at the menu...
and one more shot of that cake--i will gladly pass along the information to anyone who wants to use this baker. cheaper than "your perfect cake" and the detail work was amazing.
after we ordered, it was time to open the gifts! davis got some great ecu stuff...
lots of toys and things to entertain him...
and some practical (and still adorable) gifts--the perfect combination!
after the gifts were opened and our meals came, we had fun catching up with one another and enjoying a delicious lunch. i'm so grateful for my friends at the office and will miss them dearly while i'm out on maternity leave! but i will be back and excited to introduce davis to them when he gets here :)

now, on to the nursery. i love how it is coming together...

after doing so many sets of letters for other people, i got a chance to do a set for my own son last weekend. i based it off of his bedding and am so happy with how they turned out. justin hung them up tonight above the crib...
oh, and our mobile is in there. we went with one that had the interchangable cards with black and white designs that are supposed to be visually stimulating to newborns, with the colorful design cards for when he gets older. we found it here and since i wasn't crazy about the mobile that came with his bedding, it seemed like a good option.

this is the dresser that justin put together last week and the lamp we picked up at target to bring in some of the sports themed stuff. that's his humidifier on top of it, and then the bags and bags of bottles/pumping supplies that i've gotten from friends that i have yet to sort through. (i may need help with that one day from one you experienced moms out there--i'm not quite sure what i have and what i need and it's a little overwhelming.)
this is the other side of the room, with his toy storage container and bookshelf that we got at the shower two weeks ago. we also bought the alphabet artwork on the wall from target--i've been eying that since we knew it was a boy, and i love the colors and fun design. to the right of this area will eventually be the rocker-recliner that we bought last weekend but haven't picked up yet from the store. justin's making arrangements to get that home tomorrow, so we'll update when it's there. i'm so proud of myself for finding a good deal on this chair, and it's going to be perfect for rocking him and reading books to him.
the changing table, with diaper supplies building up underneath. you can see the first set of diapers that we've gotten on the bottom shelf, and our next set is on their way right now--hopefully should be here next week.
and the closet--lots of blankets, towels and crib sheets--with drawers full of hats, socks and bibs.
part of my plan for this weekend is to wash all of this stuff--haven't done that yet! it seems like it should take several loads, but i know it's small stuff and it won't actually be that bad. we're at home for the rest of this pregnancy, and i'll be staying busy by doing one last maternity photo session, picking up our order from spring run market, and catching up on work stuff.

overall, i'm still feeling good most of the time. i've had some occasional pains with my hips stretching, and i've been careful not to let my feet swell up too much in the evenings. i'm not sure about braxton-hicks--i think i might have had some tonight, but wasn't positive about that. otherwise, i still can't complain and feel so lucky that i've had such an easy time with the pregnancy. i am getting close to the point where i feel massive, though--like i question "how much bigger can my stomach actually get?" and clothes that had fit up until this point aren't quite making it. only about one more month....

more updates later when our chair gets here!