Wednesday, September 01, 2010

weekly update

i feel like i'm going to realistically be posting about once a week now--until things get a little bit calmer at home and work, at least. the smaller, daily posts just aren't happening, but i appreciate you sticking around for the longer weekly posts!

first of all, we finished the nursery! it still has a few details to finish up, but we're so happy with how it turned out. we can't wait to start filling up the room with other stuff!

after working hard all week on the nursery, we were excited to take it easy this past weekend with an overnight trip to the beach. i had scheduled a bridal shoot a long time ago for saturday evening, so we decided to make a full day of it and get a hotel room for the night. justin's mom and sister joined us on saturday, and we had a relaxing afternoon on the sand and in the water.
luna (heather's dog) joined us as well--she is such a well-behaved dog! pepper could learn some manners from her :)
and then davis was putting on a show for heather--she got to feel a couple of good kicks while we were sitting there!
(by the way, be impressed that i put pictures of me up here in a bathing suit. the low chairs and my 30 week belly did not combine for the most flattering positions. in other words, i feel like i look like a beached whale up there, but i also remind myself--i'm 30 weeks pregnant and in a bathing suit. what do i expect? so the pictures stay.)

we were staying at the seahawk, one of the motels where my family has stayed for years. we would come down for a week in the summer and rent one of their villas that's attached to the side of the small motel. i love that the seahawk has a pool, as well, and a nice green lawn with sunchairs and hammocks overlooking the beach.
ahh, nothing better than swinging on the hammock chair with the beach just a few feet away.

i left the beach a little early to get ready and meet up with the bride and her entourage. i love doing bridal shoots and was so excited to do one at fort macon and on the beach. can't wait to share them later in october once the wedding is here! stephanie made a beautiful bride and the weather was just perfect for photos.

as we were finishing up and doing some silhouette shots, i decided to ask if they would take a similar picture of me backlit by the sun. i love how it turned out and will definitely have to find a place for it in our house.
once i finished with pictures, justin and i headed out for a late dinner and came back full and tired. i think we were in bed and asleep by 11--i personally was excited for a night without the animals (the dog and cats rarely let us sleep past 7 or 7:30 at home on the weekends.) we did have a visitor, though--about 20 minutes after we had turned out the lights, a cricket of some sort started chirping and i decided i could not sleep through it. so i determined where he was (on the ceiling) and sure enough, we turned on the lights and there was a tiny cricket looking thing up there. however, the ceilings were tall (since we were on the 2nd floor, they were going with the pitched roof of the building--about 14 ft, justin guesses) and there was no way we could knock it down easily. so we proceeded to throw flip flops at it while standing on chairs (just justin on the chair, i was safely on the ground) and finally knocked it down by swinging a towel at it. i'm sure the people below us were quite curious as to what was going on. actually, it's an older motel and is built like a fort, so they probably couldn't hear us at all. but it was amusing!

the next morning, we got breakfast at our favorite diner and hit up the beach one more time. we had originally planned on going down to see my grandparents on sunday, but our plans changed later in the week when my grandmother ended up in the hospital. so rather than driving another hour down east to see then, we were able to go visit across the bridge at the hospital. the only thing that i regretted about not making the drive was missing out on posing in front of the sign and store in davis, nc--one of the little towns along the way to my grandparents' house in the "downeast" area past beaufort.
that's actually one of the reasons i wanted to name him davis, along with the family connections on my mom's side and justin's family's side.

but we found something close enough on saturday night as we were driving around to find somewhere to eat...
we'll come back with davis next summer to pose in front of his name at the beach (and the town, too!)

hard to believe that we made our last beach trip as "just us." and based on how much we packed for "just us," i'm not sure i even want to think about what we'll have to pack for our family of 3!

halfway through the week, and we're both excited about the long weekend coming up. it'll be a football weekend for our pirates (though we won't be going to the game--too hot for me at this point. i'll hold out for the possibility of making it to an october game--if this little guy allows me to make it that far!) and we're ready to get caught up on some projects around the house, as well as lots of relaxing and enjoying the day off.

hope everyone else enjoys the holiday weekend!