Tuesday, August 24, 2010

busy busy busy

wow, long time without posting. i can't promise that it will get any better, but as my photo business slows down, it's possible. or not. there's just a lot to get done in the evenings!

i did want to share our big night out last week. though today is justin's actual birthday, we chose to go out last thursday to celebrate. we met in kinston after work and started at the taproom for mother earth brewing company, a local microbrewery that justin has enjoyed in the past--we can usually find their brews at specialty grocery stores and several local restaurants. i, of course, enjoyed my tall glass of water :)
mmmm... tasty water!

it was neat to learn about this company, though, and their special brews that they create, as well as their "green" features that they have at the brewery, including solar panels and other environmentally-friendly additions.

we then headed over to the chef and the farmer, where we had reservations for dinner. also a great local restaurant that has gotten rave reviews and uses lots of products from local farmers (several that we've bought meat/produce from through our farmers' markets and other buying groups.) we decided to go all out and order from each of the three courses presented. they were all delicious and so uniquely "southern gourmet." i didn't get a picture of our first course, but i had peaches wrapped in prosciutto with spicy pecans, while justin had a salad with fresh bacon, croutons and homemade ranch dressing.

our second course included a butterbean hummus with spicy pepper relish (my choice) while justin had a cheese plate.
and then the main course--i went with blueberry bbq chicken with corn fritters, pole beans and potatoes, while justin had a peach glazed pork chop with a type of grain underneath--it's escaping me right now, not quinoa, but something similar--it'll come to me at 2 in the morning.

we boxed up half of our entrees, along with a huge piece of chocolate cake with toffee and amazing frosting. we didn't have room, but i couldn't pass up the cake :)

we finished up the evening by heading over to the kinston indians game, but it started raining as we were wrapping up dinner and the field was soaking wet. we watched for two hours as the rain stopped and they started working on preparing the field for the game...and then at five minutes until 9, they decided to call it due to field conditions. we still had a great time and it was a perfect way to celebrate justin's birthday a few days early.

we spent the rest of the weekend working on the nursery. well, justin and his friend johnny did. i had a couple of photo shoots that kept me occupied and away from the adhesive fumes. they were successful in cutting and prepping all of the beadboard and chair rail for the walls, and they got about half of it up on saturday.
we finished the rest on sunday afternoon and justin picked up a couple of paint selections last night. we decided on a nice deep navy and got a little bit done just to see how it would look.
we were also busy on sunday evening, because we had a new little baby to visit! collen finally made his appearance sunday around noon, and we had to stop by and check in on him, lindsay and jeremy.
justin got some more practice holding newborns--isn't he a natural?
and i like this photo with lindsey holding him--she was also great in helping me figure out how to snap up the cloth diapers that i just got in the mail from my latest e-bay purchase. she's going to be a great resource as we figure out how to do the whole cloth diapering thing.
and finally, an updated belly shot. justin was shooting it while sitting down, so i feel like it's an exaggerated angle. but it also feels like he's that big in real life, so i guess this is my 29/30 week belly. heaven help us, we still have at least 2 months to go.
i'll hopefully have some time to share some of my recent photo work soon. i've had fun with several photo shoots in the past month and have just been too lazy to upload them. now that i'm done with weddings, i'll be focusing on the last few jobs i have scheduled between now and labor day weekend. after that, they'll be few and far between. i'm already having a little bit of trouble going from sitting to standing, and i know it won't get any easier!