Sunday, August 01, 2010

sara's bridals

i had the pleasure of photographing sara and dovene's wedding last night in washington. sara was in our small group at church and went to ecu like many of us, getting her degree in nursing. she worked for a couple of years at the hospital, but after numerous short missions trips to africa, she made the decision to move to togo and do medical missions work there with a family who was in the ministry. while she's been there for the past couple of years, she fell in love with dovene, the son of the couple who heads up the ministry. they quickly planned a wedding for back here in the states, and they will be staying here while dovene goes to Bible college before they return to africa.

we decided to do bridals beforehand, and though we got rained out the first date, this photo shoot's weather was perfect. a little windy, but it kept us cool and made for some great photos.

her family's house has a dock right on the river, so we took advantage of the location!
and wanted some more "natural" poses--sara's parents said this was just like her!
this was one of my favorites, just because i think it shows off sara's natural beauty.
and the sunset--perfect lighting!
especially when we were able to capture some of the light reflecting on the water...
finally, the one she chose for her portrait--and the one that as i was taking the photos, i just knew would become one of my favorite bridals i've ever taken. just beautiful...
one wedding left next weekend, and then i'm done with weddings until next year! i do have one more bridal shoot to do (that i'm not photographing the wedding) but after this one, it's all portraits sessions. still scheduling some in august, if you're interested!