Saturday, July 31, 2010

melissa's bridals

last weekend i photographed melissa and justin's wedding at our church. i'm excited to get started on editing their photos, but while i'm working on that, here are her bridals that we took a few months ago :)

this is the one that she chose for the large portrait--i always love these seated poses and how they show off the details on a full dress.
we had another gorgeous afternoon at this spot in williamston, same place i've used for kristi and connie's bridals.
and the sunlight was just beautiful!

melissa's mom had requested a couple of shots with a solid white background--so we made good use of her many helpers/bridesmaids that came with us and set up a little studio backdrop right there in the grass!
this took a lot of editing, but i was happy with how it came out. tough to replicate full studio backdrops and lighting when you're essentially in a nicely manicured park!

and finally, a fun shot with all of her assistants. it makes bridal shoots so much easier when you have a whole crew to help with dress placement, holding umbrellas to create shade, keeping eyes out for bugs on the skirt, etc!
i hope you've had a fabulous honeymoon, melissa, and i can't wait to work on your wedding photos!

(i'll set up the bridals for the wedding that i'm doing tonight to post tomorrow morning--they are beautiful and we had the best location for them--check back to see them!)