Saturday, July 24, 2010

a few of my favorite summer beauty products

it has been quite the summer to deal with heat and humidity, let along being pregnant at the same time. i have found comfort in a few products that i thought i'd share, just because they are helping me beat the heat and the sun!

i love all things fresh and cool during the summer--there's actually nothing i enjoy more than a lukewarm (almost cold) shower after being out in the heat to help bring my body temperature down. i've been doing this since band camp days in high school, and it hasn't changed. this new suave professionals haircare line in the rosemary and mint scent is so refreshing! i wish they made a body wash in the scent, too.

i've always had sensitive skin that doesn't necessarily handle sunscreen well. it was a trial and error experiment every summer to figure out what sunscreen would work for us, and which ones would sting and burn our faces as soon as we hit the water or started to sweat. i've learned over the past couple of years that baby sunscreen is the way to go. it's always a strong enough SPF, doesn't sting or burn if it does get in my eyes, and will stay on even through some of the toughest sweating (because it's thicker and feels like you're putting paste on--but it's worth it not to burn!) this summer's brand has been neutrogena, though i've used aveeno baby in the past, too.

love clinical strength secret to help deal with those super hot days. it has a nice scent and seems to work even better when paired with...
certain dri in the evenings. that's the recommended time to use certain dri (before you go to bed), and then i'll put on the secret in the morning to have an actual scent (and to reinforce the antiperspirant.)
ooh, this has been a life-saver. garnier fructis anti-humidity hair spray--love the scent and the weight of it, and it's helped with the frizzy hair that often comes with our humid days here :)
and finally, i found this product at wal-mart recently and all i can say is that it's awesome and has been great for this summer. i love wearing skirts and dresses to stay cool in the summer, and this has helped so much for those uncomfortable heat rashes or chafing spots. amanda had recommended clear desitin for the same issue, but i like the powder feature of this product.
what summer products have gotten you through the season?