Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a few things we've been up to

i have three weddings coming up over the next three weekends, and they all have beautiful bridal portraits that i've been working on... but i can't share them yet! so here are a few other pictures i thought i'd share :)

i have done my first set of edits using lightroom, and i am really liking it. the interface is smart, and i felt like it took less time than using photoshop. they also have some nice presets that come with it, and of course, there are tons of presets you can download out there. it may end up being a long-term purchase!

we've been getting the game room ready to become the guest room when the current guest room becomes the nursery, and we've done a lot of work to take it back over from the cats. their litter boxes have been in there for the last year and a half (i guess since we got pepper, or maybe even before then) and the carpet in there has taken quite a beating. we've been using some borrowed heavy-duty vacuums and steam cleaners to get it back into shape. this coming weekend, we'll be traveling to my uncle and aunt's house to pick up the crib that they're passing on to us now that our two young cousins have outgrown it. once it's here (along with several other items that they're sending our way--they have two boys, 2 and 4, so we're excited to be set up for hand-me-downs!) we'll start moving things around and getting the nursery set up. my "planner" side is thrilled to finally have some productive stuff to work on to get ready for this baby!

so this weekend, i took a break from photographing weddings and just attended one instead. justin's family has been good friends with the bride's family since they moved down here, and the bride's brother was one of his groomsmen in our wedding. we regularly see them for visits and cook-outs when kenny and stephanie come down to see his parents, and they have two adorable kids. fun fact--they are scottish, so this wedding definitely had a scottish flair--right down to the bagpipe processional down the aisle.
they got married in the washington civic center, which is a renovated train station. the wedding i'm photographing in two weeks will be here, so i was excited to get a sneak peek at it. (loved the blue dresses and orange gerber daisies)
then it was time to eat and enjoy our custom-made koozies!
and the cute (and delicious!) cake.
i made sure we got a picture of both of us dressed up for the wedding--i've gotten a couple more dresses to get me through the numerous weddings and baby showers we have coming up, and i really liked this coral dress.
and finally... one of the cutest pictures i've taken of pepper in a long time.
justin set this one up--she doesn't actually hug her little loofa dog like that on her own, but justin tucked it up under her paws while she was napping saturday afternoon, and it's just adorable. i love this dog so much and can't wait to get a print made of this one.

i think that's it for now. more photos coming up as i work through my editing...