Wednesday, July 14, 2010

catching up

okay, here's my attempt at catching up on blogging! sadly, i'm about a week and a half behind, so here's the pictures i promised from the 4th of july weekend :)

first, let's share some of my photo shoot of our friends heather and johnny, and their adorable little girl abby. loved photographing this sweet girl!

this is devi, heather's dog that has adjusted very well to having a little one in the house.

really digging the candid shots from this shoot
and abby gave me a couple of smiles when she was on her own!

i edited and delivered these photos on 4th of july weekend, when we went over to cook out at their house. the boys headed out and got a big pack of fireworks to set off once it got dark. if you're reading from out of state, NC has a pretty strict fireworks law and you can't buy any that leave the ground. that's why fireworks stores are such a big deal on the SC and TN borders. so we played it safe with some sparklers...

and then some of these little cone ones that shot sparks up in the air.
this last kind was actually pretty impressive!
that's about when i started videoing some of them--i have to admit, my voice sounds kinda southern when i talk about how high the firework is going. talking with heather tends to have that effect on me!

and then we ended the night with these flare sticks that were a little disappointing to the guys, who thought they might be one of the ones that shoot things out.
then they decided to choreograph a little dance for us--please enjoy this one :)

one last picture i wanted to share--our "all american" dinner that we had on july 5th before we headed back to work the next day. watermelon, grilled corn on the cob and hot dogs (all natural organic beef hot dogs, by the way, from our local grass-fed "our cows don't do drugs" beef provider.) and yes, i'm pregnant and eat hot dogs every now and then. i even occasionally have deli meat. moderation is the key!
okay, most of everything else i've been working on has been bridals, so i can't share those quite yet...but i should have some new stuff up later on this week. after hearing from many people how awesome adobe lightroom is from other photographer friends, i've downloaded a trial and am going to use it to edit joe and kristi's wedding and a recent family shoot i did. i'm excited about testing it out and hopefully speeding up some of my editing processes.

justin's gotten several good kicks from davis, especially at night when we're settling down for bed. he's been incredibly active lately and especially likes to punch and kick against my waistband when i'm sitting at my desk at work. we have an appointment friday morning that should be a quick check-up, and i'm interested in seeing where i'm measuring now, since the ultrasound tech had said that he was measuring early.

and i'm collecting a few orders by the end of the month for some thirty-one stuff--if you're interested in ordering, let me know! it's the last month to order from the spring/summer catalog, and i want to get some of the fun prints that they had in this one.