Saturday, September 25, 2010

almost done...

the chair arrived today!

i'd been searching for a couple of weeks at our local discount stores (ollie's and big lots) to see what kind of furniture they were getting in. i found a couple of possibilities early on, but then upon further investigation, the recliners at ollie's didn't rock, and justin wasn't crazy about the pattern i found on a recliner at big lots. we went back last weekend to see if big lots' inventory had changed, and we found this one on friday night. we checked a couple of other places on saturday and i convinced justin that we wouldn't find a better deal anywhere else. once we decided that yes, this would work for us, we went up to the register to purchase it and found out that they were running a deal that weekend. all we had to do was sign up for their customer reward program (free, no strings attached except for e-mails about their deals) and we got 20% off the chair since it was a large purchase (otherwise, you got 20% off after spending at least $20 10 times--not as impressive.) so we got another $50 off the price and an even sweeter deal. i've had many friends share with me the importance of having a chair where you feel comfortable being able to doze off. i also love the idea of curling up in the chair to read books when he's older--and it will easily transition into our living room at some point if we want to move it around. so a good investment overall!

we got these from babies r us--wall hangings as a part of another bedding set, but it continues the sports theme on the other side of the room...
and this little dog made herself at home. she apparently thinks the chair is hers (along with several of the toys that have squeakers or fun noises.)
justin decided to test out the story-reading feature with pepper. she looks quite interested, doesn't she?
we have a side table/nightstand coming sometime next week to go by the chair (for drinks, books, etc.) and that will be it for the nursery! i spent most of this morning and afternoon washing loads of baby clothes, and now davis has a full dresser of clothes, with stuff ranging from newborn size to about six months.

alright, that's it for tonight. headed to bed soon!