Saturday, October 02, 2010

my fall photography

i've finally gotten around to posting a few shots from each of my fall sessions. this isn't all of them, but i just wanted to include a variety of my maternity, senior and family shoots to show y'all what i've been up to. i'm pretty much done, give or take a quick session every now and then. there's only so much i can do at this point! hopefully i'll have some shots from my own maternity session that i did today to show you how much davis--and my belly--has grown. (edited to add--i included the couple of photos that were done today in the header, so that's just a tease of what's to come!)

so here we go, starting with glenn and jessica in downtown washington...

megan and joel, who are about a week and a half behind us with little isaac :)

miss katie--a fabulous 2011 senior in downtown greenville--so photogenic!

a great session with ashley and her family--at another favorite spot of mine.

will, a 2010 senior who was just starting college when we got around to doing his pictures :) will, i grabbed most of the serious-faced ones--but i still think these are great!

and then michelle, another 2011 senior whom i've had the pleasure of photographing since she was in the 7th grade.

(doesn't she look like a young jennifer grey in this one? that's all i could see once i edited it.)

so sorry for not getting these up sooner! i love my clients and so enjoy getting to capture them at the various stages in their lives :)