Monday, October 18, 2010

doing some catching up

first, let's start with some cute pictures of pepper dog being lazy around the house.

justin said a good caption for this one would be, "but there's nothing on tv." she does this a lot right now--laying around on the couch with him as he relaxes.

and sometimes, she just can't get close enough :)
now, on to more baby celebrations! we had our baby shower at church here weekend before last, and i've got a few photos to share of the decorations. someone else took photos of us opening presents, so i'll have to wait until i get a hold of those.
the rubber ducks were so cute!
and this cake--oh, so delicious.

all of the food was good, actually! there was an apple dip that i will have to find the recipe and share it, because it's too amazing not to share. remind me to do that later :)
and the adorable diaper cake and other gifts. thank you so much to everyone who helped plan the shower and came out that afternoon--we had the best time!
this past weekend, we stayed busy by going to the band competition where my brother's band was performing. i snapped a picture of him as he was checking everything out on the field--he's lost a good amount of weight this year and it was really noticeable to me from that distance.
here's his band on the field during the competition--they did an awesome job!
we watched the rest of the bands in their class and then left to get some dinner, coming back for the larger bands at the end. justin and i had planned ahead and bought two chair frames that made the stands much more bearable. thank goodness! we stayed through the awards ceremony, where we watched alan's band place in the top 3 in most of the categories, with a 2nd place finish in their class. good work, guys!

and now, the baby update. we're in the last month of pregnancy--in case you couldn't tell.
at my appointment last week, i asked for a general guess of how big davis was measuring. my doctor (who hadn't really seen me for a couple of months since i had appointments with other dr's in the practice) started feeling and measuring, and she guessed that he was probably already weighing around 7 lbs. better yet, my stomach was measuring about 2 or 3 weeks ahead of where it should be! so she said we could get a growth ultrasound for this week, just to see how big this guy is going to be.

we went back today and learned that our "little" boy is actually quite big. he's already weighing about 7 1/2 lbs and could easily be 9 lbs if he goes full-term. (all of this goes with the disclaimer that they could be off by a pound either way--this is all estimation.) at 37 weeks, they measured a 40 week belly on him and a 42 week head. goodness!

and that big ol' noggin? has hair!
long hair on the back of his head, according to the ultrasound tech. "possible mullet," she said. i said to justin, "that'd be his west virginia side." (kidding, of course.)

but the big thing is that he seems pretty content to stay inside for right now, so we're going on with our week and making plans for the weekend. i think we may finally get a chance to go to an ecu game--homecoming!, and our church's annual fall festival is on sunday, which i love and really don't want to miss. so i'm honestly okay with him taking another week. now next week.... well, that's another story!