Wednesday, October 06, 2010

a month from due date

so hard to believe that he's predicted to be here in a month (and realistically could be here earlier than that!)

we had an awesome weekend doing maternity pictures on saturday and taking care of some last minute errands. this coming saturday will be filled with our birthing class, so it was nice to get some things finished since we'll be busy all this weekend. my last baby shower is sunday afternoon, and we'll have family coming in for that, too, so that'll essentially be our weekend.

so sunday, i left from church and drove to meet my dear friend ashley and her little girl cameron for lunch. we decided a one-on-one visit would be better than her coming all the way for a shower, and it was such a pleasure catching up with her!
(can you believe she had a baby six weeks ago? she looked fabulous)
and here's her adorable little rabbit, as ashley calls her.

then last night, we headed out to the fair. i love this time of year and the cool fall temperatures that are finally here. we couldn't really ride any rides (nor did we want to pay that much money for the tickets) but we did enjoy the craft displays...
and the farm animals!
i always like visiting them and seeing the names and farms they come from.
(and the baby goats were so cute!)
if my fingers hadn't been coated with cinnamon and sugar, i would've taken a picture of the funnel cake that i got. but obviously, you're dealing with a 9-month pregnant woman and fried dough. thought it was so good (and davis enjoyed it immensely), i regretted it later on. too much sugar and grease--but oh, it was worth it in the moment.

and finally, an updated belly shot just because so many people commented how pregnant i looked today. and from the side, yes, there's no doubt.
just when you thought it couldn't get any bigger.... it does.