Thursday, May 12, 2011

random bits

-we've been enjoying some lazy mornings around the house this week. just recently, i went from full-time at work to contract, which means i am in the office to see clients i have scheduled and otherwise make my own schedule. if i don't have clients (or paperwork to catch up on), i don't have to be in the office. we were uncertain about the transition working for us (and honestly, we're just coming up on the first paycheck from this new situation, so that will probably give us a better idea of how well this is actually going) but i have loved having those quiet morning hours with my boy and the animals and relaxed breakfasts and long walks in the stroller and hearing him giggle at disney junior in the background.

-speaking of which, we've reached a point where the disney junior shows are re-runs for us. not a big deal for him, obviously, but when i start to remember which mouskatool they use to get the coconuts out of the tree, it's just a little disconcerting. and when they start off using the mystery mouskatool for the first object--WHOA--hold on to your horses, we're in for a wild ride at the clubhouse today.

-his newest cute trick is grabbing your face and pulling it towards him for a full-on, open mouth, sloppy drool-filled kiss.
(and since i still stink at keeping his nails short, it often hurts! i'm working at filing them down when he cooperates)

-over the past week, we've worked on doing sleep training with him. this comes at a desperate time where his bedtime routine could easily take 45 minutes to an hour to get him in the crib and asleep, with several attempts at putting him down only to have him wake up and fuss. i had read several books leading up to this, including "the no cry sleep solution" and "healthy sleep habits, happy child." but the one that motivated me to get this going was "the sleep-easy solution." written by two clinical social workers who have their own sleep practice in LA and work with celebrities on solving their kids sleep issues, they have specific sections dedicated to the emotional side of parents and even a chapter to read while you're doing the sleep training about why your child has to cry some in frustration in order to learn this new skill. we started out with about 30 minutes of fussing the first couple of nights and have gotten it down to about 10 minutes last night. he's still waking up twice during the night to eat, and i'm thinking about working on weaning him from the night feeds over the weekend (they also give you a process to help do that in the sleep-easy solution.)

-i am about one size away from my pre-pregnancy clothes. so close, yet still a large portion of my closet that i can't get into. i've been trying to get just enough basics to get me through the summer, and i'm hoping once i stop nursing i will drop those last few pounds.

-and just because it's so little man laughing at pepper and playing with one of his toys while he sits up on his own.