Friday, May 06, 2011

what davis has been up to lately

we had davis' six month well visit this past week. sitting in the waiting room reminded me of our first couple of visits there when he was just a few days old. and now here we are, with this gummy, chubby, sweet little boy who is just growing up in every way imaginable!
his new stats--16 lbs 1 oz (25th percentile), 26 1/2 in long (50th percentile) and an 18 in head circumference (95th percentile.) the doctor wasn't too concerned about his drop in weight percentile, but will keep an eye on it. i like to think that he's just taking after his daddy :)

i thought it'd be fun to share some of his photos from the past month or so and show what he's been working on...

we're definitely working on the "supported sitting." he's mostly got that down, but will still lose his balance every now and then.
bath time is still one of his favorite things, though he only gets baths two nights a week right now because of his skin. we might bump that up to three nights during the summer with the combination of sunscreen, bug repellant and pools/sandboxes.
we're working on sitting in high chairs at restaurants, though he usually ends up in our arms or laps. we ended up having to pad this chair with jackets and burp cloths, and he also slid out of another high chair last weekend when we forgot to connect the straps (he wasn't hurt, just a little startled, and we won't make that mistake again!)
he loves his high chair at home, though, and is doing great with eating solids. we haven't found anything yet that he really dislikes. didn't seem crazy about peas or prunes, but still ate them. we're enjoying slowly branching out to the stage 2 combo foods with him :)
he's been a little traveler over the past few weeks--trips to fayetteville, down east, coats, knightdale. he is so much better in the car and we've only had a few meltdowns on long trips (both him and me--poor justin can tell you stories about listening to him scream in the back seat and listening to me try to calm him down unsuccessfully.) we also got a photo in front of his namesake town! apparently he was the 3rd davis that week to have his picture taken in front of the sign.
we've found that he will often love playing with the most ordinary things. cups, spoons and small boxes will hold his attention for the longest time.
he has a great temperament and usually only gets upset with a valid reason.
and he's doing much better with justin overall, though he still shows a preference for mommy when he's really tired ;)

they're cute together--like father, like son!
since the weather has warmed up, we really enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood in the evening. i do pretty well with the stroller and the dog, though pepper will often slow us down and likes to zig zag back and forth in front of us while we're walking. davis loves the walks and looking around at everything. he gets upset when we have to pull the shade down because of the sun in his eyes!
and finally, the most amusing thing to me--he's taken to mickey mouse. we'll have mickey mouse clubhouse on in the background in the morning, and i started to notice that during the intro, he will coo and smile at the TV when mickey comes on the screen. we tested it on the computer with one of the online episodes--same thing. and this morning, he was nursing as the show was coming on and stopped eating to turn and watch the tv after recognizing the voice. hey, of all the characters he got into, i think mickey mouse is one of the best options out there!