Friday, June 17, 2011

the art of puff eating

it's breakfast time, and i put davis in his high chair while i make coffee, let the dog out, give the cats their treats, let the dog back in, give her a treat, etc...

and davis entertains himself with self-feeding and his delicious puffs. (we've also added some yogurt melts at this point, too. both popular with him!)

he goes in for the grab...

"oh hey! the camera! better smile for it..." (i really think he knows what to do with it now)
there's sometimes a little playing with his food... (oh, okay, i did this one. but i do find puffs in random places, like behind his shoulder and stuck under his chin)

but he's getting much more skilled about going straight to his mouth :)
"see? and check out my two bottom teeth!" (no signs of the top ones yet, but lots of drooling and gnawing on things)
"all gone!"

sometimes he misses on the first try...
but he's learned how to go back and pop in the stray puffs.
he is SO independent, and this is one of the ways he has enjoyed having some control.
(the other one is wanting to "walk" everywhere and getting frustrated when he can't. seriously, we're going to be crawling before the end of the month, and cruising soon after. this boy is determined.)
but for now, we just enjoy our quiet moments in the mornings...
and puffs.