Saturday, June 18, 2011

staying cool

as the summer creeps into eastern nc, we've gotten good at staying cool on the weekends, whether it be our clothing choice when we're heading outside.... (love my little beach bum)
or staying inside at barnes and noble and checking out the train table. he was very interested in how that all worked...
(and let us note--my hair is in a ponytail! this hasn't happened in a long long time...yay for one more option when i need to just pull it back and go)
we've taken advantage of not traveling and having no major plans to pick up around the house and get organized. a little belated spring cleaning, if you will. since my allergy appointment (and now having a more mobile baby who doesn't always stay where you leave him) it's been important to keep things a little more tidy around the house. i am an awful housekeeper, but justin and i have short bursts of focus where we'll clean for a couple of hours and get it all taken care of.

and it's easy to be motivated when you have great helpers like this one :)
(eating puffs on our unmade bed while sheets were being washed)

pepper has become a puff scavenger. (it's actually pretty annoying, but davis doesn't seem to mind.)
miss pepper dog is holding her own here lately. she's enjoying going on walks with me in the evenings and is pretty protective of davis. i guess it's her maternal instinct coming out?
the other way we're staying cool is spending lots of time in the water! we had our youth group pool party last weekend, and though davis was hanging on by a thread, he still had a good time with everyone.

he made friends quickly with the other adults and kids there--davis and i haven't spent lots of time with the youth group this spring because of the overlap with his bedtime. everytime we have gone, we've usually had to leave early and he isn't a big fan of the loud music and microphones and everything. our worship room is great in the youth area, but definitely loud, and he just hasn't been able to handle it yet. i'm hopeful for him doing better next school year!
we got to hang out with his buddy josh and my friend lynn, who were showing the art of jumping into the pool.
and we had some more fun with our waterproof camera. that was one of our purchases before he was born, and when we were choosing between a couple of of different models, the waterproof feature seemed like it would come in handy. it has so far this summer!
sweet boy (hanging by a thread, remember? hence the pacifier in the pool)
we ended up on the grass by the lake nearby, watching the kids and adults race kayaks across the pond. i had my new hat that i had just gotten from target, and thought it would be funny to plop it on his head.

it dwarfed him, but he didn't seem to mind. he was busy eating grass...
after eating dinner and hanging out with the other little ones inside, we headed home. another great year with our youth group, and certainly a good time with friends :)