Monday, June 06, 2011

living for the weekends

we've stayed super busy on the weekends lately, with some traveling and visiting friends and family. when you have a baby as adorable (and loved) as davis, everyone wants to see him!

the sunday of memorial day weekend, we headed west to my brother's house in knightdale for swimming, eating and hanging out with family.
davis hadn't napped well and was actually pretty cranky. the only thing going for him was his red cup...
and he threw a fit whenever i tried to take it away for a second so we could get a picture without!
then we decided to check out the splash pad area, which cousin will was already enjoying!
it was pretty impressive for a neighborhood pool, and davis seemed to like watching all the other kids playing
we climbed up to the top and then slid down with him on my lap. he was all smiles!
after enjoying an early dinner with the family, we continued west to visit with my aunts and cousins overnight. he was charming and flirted with my teenage cousins, playing with toys and looking at their yearbooks :)
sweet thing!
we slept well and got up in the morning, swinging outside before it got too hot.
we got davis settled in the baby dolphin swing, and he had a blast swinging with daddy...

cheesing it up!
he was all tuckered out for another nap--i love watching him sleep...
so then we played some more, had lunch and got packed up...but not before pushing his nap back and keeping him up so he would hopefully sleep in the car the whole way home!
can you see those tired eyes?
and he was out...slept the whole way back home! (we use the towel to shade him from the sun but still keep good air flow to him on hot days)

in the past week, he's really started moving and attempting some crawling techniques...
he will put his head down and pull his legs up underneath him, then push his head forward on the carpet (which is why we put blankets down.)
it really won't be long at all before he's really crawling--but we're okay with this in the meantime :)
he does love sitting up and "walking" with help, and it seems like he'll go right to that as soon as he can gain his balance.
this weekend, we went down to fayetteville for a night to celebrate my brother's birthday with the family. this guy slept halfway there and then woke up in a great mood--such a relief!
we spent time over at my grandma's, and davis was in a bit of a mood toward the end of the night. poor thing has been way off with his sleep patterns, between traveling and getting his second tooth last week. we tried doing everything to entertain him as we finished up dinner and dessert, and he wasn't interested in any of the toys or TV shows we put in front of him. my grandma grabbed him and took him outside, and he immediately quieted down and listened to the birds and all the noises of the neighborhood. what a reminder to appreciate the simple things!

on sunday, after we left church, we stopped by the airborne and special operations museum where they had flags displayed for the memorial day celebrations. somewhere in the "field of glory" flags, my grandmother sponsored a flag for my grandfather. we weren't able to find the actual one, but it was still a great tribute to the military.

it was also one of the first times i got to see "iron mike" up close.
we made it back and started our week without too much trouble. we're back to sleep training again, which is frustrating to have to start from scratch whenever he teethes or gets sick. but we saw some progress just going from last night to tonight--from 40 minutes of crying to 15 we'll keep at it this time. i have to leave the house for it, but i went for a walk tonight with pepper while justin did it and really enjoyed it. maybe that's how i'll get back on track for trying to lose the last bit of baby weight!
we've also unofficially started the process of weaning, which is sad to me--but also a little bit of a relief. we made it to six months, which was my goal in the beginning. he just hasn't seemed as interested in nursing, and i cut down on my pumping at work so that i don't have to pump at all now. but just in the past few days, he's really only nursed overnight or maybe once in the morning. so i think we're just going to slowly cut it out all together and begin the process of night weaning as well, so hopefully (hopefully!) we can eventually sleep through the night soon.

and that's it for now. we'll be home this weekend and are excited to get some peace and quiet as summer really starts for the kids around here. happy end of the school year to everyone!