Wednesday, January 04, 2006

and we're back...

so glad that it's a short week this week and that friday will be here before i know it. and that next week is also short cause of our half day on friday. and the next week is MLK holiday on monday and exams for middle/upper school which means my schedule will be totally thrown off. and we might get back to normal sometime by the end of january, but let's face it--things are just more fun when they're not normal.

i feel confident putting this on here cause i'm positive no one will know this student and if you do, it's actually a very positive comment. i am learning that at independent schools, you play many different roles and they don't necessarily correspond with your actual degree or what you were officially trained in, but a lot of times just draws on your own skills and interests. i've seen that in tutoring a student in spanish twice a week. he'd never had it before, and even though we were trying to put him in the lowest level possible, he really needed that individual attention to catch up so that next year, he'll be ready to join the rest of his class. so we meet twice a week and have been working on basics like colors, numbers and small talk stuff. well, i decided on tuesday that we'd try conjugating a verb but was sure to be patient. when i had helped him while he was still in the class, conjugating a verb sounded very much like a rendition of "who's on first?" with him totally confused by pronouns, verb endings and everything else. we would go around in circles because i didn't want to give him the answer, and yet he'd guess at everything and would eventually guess correctly, but had no clue why it was right. but tuesday, as i wrote out the steps and helped him follow along, we conjugated a regular, present tense -ar verb and you could physically see the light turn on in his brain. it was one of the most rewarding experiences i have had all year. wish i could say that it came from a counseling situation, but i now understand the utter frustration and simultaneous joy that is being a teacher. and this morning, we did a stem-changing verb. i've never been so proud :)

in the meantime, the kindergarten class is my favorite place to hang out during the day. here, you're confronted by much more amusing issues like who drew pictures on their legs last night with magic marker (he proudly explained that it was an anaconda) and whose overactive imagination is getting her in trouble (in art, the teacher was talking about cave drawings that were found about 60 years ago and she said, "i saw that!" and when told that she couldn't have, it was 60 years ago, she said, "then my great-great-great-grandmother did!") gotta love it.

been to the gym 6 out of the 7 last days. and i'm feeling good :)

alright, gonna enjoy the evening with justin. later!

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