Wednesday, January 18, 2006

middle of the week bump

and it's a short week--i know, again, yes, again.

monday was all about relaxing and getting ready to host young adults. i LOVE hosting people. however, the past couple of times, there's always been a concern about setting off my smoke alarm. the food turns out fantastic, everyone gives me tons of compliments--but during the cooking process, something bubbles over, something drips to the bottom of the oven, and it just ends up smoky and smelling like burnt grease. lovely, i know.

i wish i had more room when i'm hosting people. i'm always worried that it'll get too crowded and people will be uncomfortable. in a perfect world, i could have enough space to host about 15-20 people comfortably, with a couple of different rooms and twice as much counter space for food. but without at doubt, i can cook. i have had atleast 5 or 6 people tell me that my lasagna was some of the best they've ever tasted. gotta love that :)

it's exam week. my middle/upper schoolers leave at noon, and are taking exams all morning. this means my life is has a lot less drama, and i get to focus on my elementary school kids for a week. it's actually a nice change of pace, and it's given a few of us plenty of time to prepare for casino day on friday afternoon (where the kids celebrate the end of exams by playing poker and roulette for tickets). i'm running the "photo booth" with some fancy dress-up costumes and a digital camera. perfect!

i have my colorguard's outfits--school colors, cute, hip and works for everyone's body types. first performance is in two weeks. keep your fingers crossed (and yes, i'll take pictures).

and last night, as we watched "american idol" (just to see the crazy bad auditions), i folded laundry and justin checked his website feeds and it was just a lazy, relaxed evening. and i realized that i liked the feeling of it. not exactly exciting, but just comfortable.

this weekend--beaufort (finally!) to buy some artwork and enjoy the beautiful weather. until then....

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