Sunday, January 22, 2006

sunday again...

hello, sunday :)

milo loves to nap. and he just looks quite adorable doing it. so i thought i'd share this picture with you

it's been a lazy week, especially with the middle/upper school taking exams. we did get to have casino day on friday afternoon, where the kids celebrate the end of exams by playing poker, roulette and craps. i contributed by having a "glamour photo" booth, where the kids dressed up in fancy clothes and i took digital photos and printed them out. it was a lot of fun and i had the best time setting up and helping the kids relax. once i got home, then i relaxed and justin came over so we could continue our new obsession with "the office." justin bought the whole first season and most of the second on iTunes and we've been making our way through it. and with the local NBC station failing to show the lastest episode on thursday night and replacing it with some lawyer show, i had to see what was going to happen between jim and pam. i am completely addicted to this style of show--documentary-like, with these hilarious interviews and situations and they'll just look right at the camera and i crack up from just the facial expressions. so it was a great way to spend the evening.

saturday, we finally made it to beaufort. we'd been planning this trip for about two or three weeks since i got a gift certificate to buy some artwork from a gallery there, but had to put it off the past couple of weekends until we had time to make a day of it. we got down there in time to buy the art, browse in some shops, eat lunch at clawson's and make our way downeast to the beach. rather than going over to atlantic beach like we always do, i took him through all the tiny little towns past beaufort and we finally got out to enjoy an almost private beach at the cedar island ferry. i had the best time taking some pictures, and you can check out the rest at my flickr site where i've uploaded all of them.

my new favorite picture of justin? this one--so natural, and very very handsome :)
and finally, the artwork that i bought. all by alan cheek. this first one is "lookout night."then there's "change of tide"--with cape lookout again, but more focusing on the water.
and finally, "summertime shoals," complete with dolphins, wild ponies and sea gulls. reminds me of shackleford banks.
now it's time to watch football, do grocery shopping and the like.

later, y'all!

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