Monday, January 23, 2006

i get by with a little help from my friends...

i love being a social person and having multiple groups of friends. i especially love that i have made such great friends at work, and that i continue to have great friends at church, and most specifically, that i have a wonderful, amazing boyfriend.


i miss these girls sometimes more than i can even explain. i talked to both of them yesterday, and i think it made me realize how much i miss having these two friends around for those moments when i just need to hang out with my girls. yes, i have amazing friends here in greenville still, but there's something about how well ashley and linda know me and how close we were and how i miss them terribly. we're scattered around now, but it is nice to know that they're a phone call away.

love ya, chicas.

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  1. Linda4:48 PM

    I love you girl!!! I feel the same way... I miss you and Ash sooooo much and you girls can never be replaced! I'm just sitting around playing online, I know this is really delayed from when you posted it, but I just read it. I had a good time catching up today and I'm always just a phone call away!!