Sunday, August 27, 2006

head first...

into the school year.

so i'm happy to be back, and i'm happy to see all my students and spend time with my friends and feel productive! and begin the whole counseling process again. it's taken a while to adjust, though, but i feel like i'm finally back on track. we kicked it all off with open house on tuesday night, my first day back and teaching my health class on wednesday, and my first "thank goodness it's friday" of the year at the end of our abbreviated week.

i also had the joy of celebrating justin's birthday this week, with a lovely dinner out and more shopping for the nintendo ds. we're definitely trying out the whole "sharing" aspect of the ds, even though it was his birthday present, because i have discovered the fabulously entertaining mini-games with the super mario brothers, mariokart (always one of my favorites), brain age (my purchase!) and tetris. all games we can both enjoy, and enjoy we have :)

we headed to fayetteville on saturday this weekend to celebrate mom's birthday today. it was also the first time we'd been to hay street since the engagement, so it was nice to see lots of family friends and visit with them. we have ideas of what needs to happen next with wedding planning, but they just haven't happened yet. i'm trying to keep a positive attitude without stressing out too much when it seems like "the list" is building up. it's very easy to get overwhelmed with the details that are way off in the future--but in the end, the time will fly by, it will only be a one day event, and the only thing that will matter is the fact that justin and i are happily married.

in the meantime, we have finished up the process of selecting our attendants (bridesmaids and groomsmen) and will soon have a caterer and perhaps even a florist. all in due time :)

that's all for now, later, y'all.

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