Sunday, August 20, 2006

three days til the children come...

so, the faculty meetings have begun and we're in full swing preparing for the school year. i enjoyed my last few days of the summer doing some tutoring and getting together with my other teachers friends. we also did a lot to get ready for justin's move on friday. he picked up the truck in the morning, and friday afternoon, we spent about two hours moving his stuff out, putting half of it in storage and splitting the rest of it between his room at heather's and my room. it's nice to have that taken care of, and they should be able to clean it over the next week or so before the end of the month. it was HOT, though, on friday, and i was never so glad to be moving. i've lost my tolerance for the mid-summer heat, and it's hard to believe that i used to be able to stand out in it for hours on end at band camp.

speaking of band camp, i was able to relive some of my "glory days" with the marching pirates on saturday. dr. knighten let us know about a marching pirates alumni event that evening (which included some great parker's barbeque). it was awesome to see some of the former marching pirates people, especially courtney (always a pleasure!) and some other past ECUMP leaders. the evening would not be complete without a small group joining the sousaphones for the pre-game run-on. good times, good times.

AND i got the exciting news last night that there's another engaged girl out there that will be planning along with me--linda and brandon will be tying the knot next summer! i'm so happy for them and couldn't think of a better couple out there :)

we had justin's family birthday celebration tonight at his mom's house. it was great to see everyone and i went ahead and gave him his gift--a nintendo ds lite. he knew he was getting it and went ahead and bought a game to go with it. so now we're figuring out all the neat features on it (with the promise that he will use some of his birthday money for a sports coat--a necessity for a wedding we're going to next month).

okay, that's all for now. good luck on the start of school! later, y'all :)

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  1. It was great seeing you too! Good luck with everything this year. I'm so happy for you!!