Monday, August 07, 2006

here we go, here we go again...

for your entertainment...

and yes, here we go again. into the school year, into another move, into wedding planning and everything else these next few months will bring.

so yeah, there's one more week of tutoring and then faculty meetings will begin, followed by the school year. i'm excited about seeing what this school year will be like--the changes with the new building, meeting new students, seeing some of my old favorites, spending time with my friends everyday instead of just one or two days a week like this summer. getting started on those LCSW hours and also trying my hand at teaching (health class for 9th and 10th). i cannot say enough how much i love my job and how perfect it is for me at this moment.

another move...for justin. atleast i don't have to move this summer. but justin's roommate is moving out and we're unfortunately 4 months short of needing a year long lease. so the most economical solution we've come up with is for justin to scatter his stuff around greenville for the next eight months, stay in the extra bedroom at his sister's place and save money for our many upcoming needs (new car, new house, new furniture, etc.) i'll be keeping a few things here, so that's led me to clean up here and throw out some of my stuff that needed to be purged. and so as not to impose on his sister, he'll be over here more often for dinner and to use my internet and tv, etc. so it'll give us a good taste of how we handle more of the "day to day" stuff together. so far, so good :) but it does stink to have to move in august--again. oh well... it'll be over soon.

and as far as wedding planning, we're heading to fayetteville this saturday to take a look at reception sites. we have a couple of ideas in mind, but after seeing them in person, i'm hoping we'll be able to reserve and have that detail taken care of. as long as i have the big details taken care of by the end of the month, i'll feel good about it.

this past weekend kept us busy, with lots of errands on friday, then our "fun with h2O" event at church and some car work on saturday, and on sunday, a trip to raleigh for lunch at carraba's, a visit to the apple store and a quick catch-up with justin's cousin before he heads back to california. lots of stuff going on, but it's all good...

alright, that's it for now. later, y'all.

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