Monday, February 19, 2007

big weekend...

the rest of the week flew by after valentine's day, and before we knew it, it was time for our three day weekend (or for us oakwooders, three and a half days--i LOVE half day fridays).

so justin and i continued our house search and stopped in at the model home of the neighborhood at the top of our list. i had gone to an open house last weekend and talked to a real estate agent there, and he happened to be at the model home that day. we looked at floor plans, got to see a couple of homes that were in progress, and by the end of the afternoon, had seen a house that was about 4 months away from being completed. if we got in now, we could choose our carpet, tiles, paint colors, countertops, lighting fixtures, appliances--pretty much everything except for the vinyl siding and shutters (which was already on the house, obviously.)

we left the house and i said to justin, "i really liked that house." he replied back, "i loved that house. we need to get it." and coming from his background of architecture and designing huge, luxurious homes, that's saying a lot. i had been reminding him that we weren't going to be able to have our "dream home" in our starter home. however, in this situation, i think we're going to be able to come pretty close. granted, it's not the exact layout that he's had in his head for years, but it's definitely a great way to start out.

so we spent the rest of the weekend talking to a few more mortage places, and on my school holiday today--i went and signed our contract for the home. we put some money in escrow (i keep thinking of joey on "friends"--"and i looked on the map and i can't even find 'escrow'!") and now have a ton of paint, countertop and marble samples to choose. just when i thought all the decision making had ended with the wedding planning--we're back to square one :)

but we have a closing date (june 8th--right after i get done with the school year) and a lot to be excited about.

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