Wednesday, February 28, 2007

stopping to breathe...

so it's been a busy weekend, with showers on friday and sunday and an evening out to the theater on saturday.

the "tool time" shower with the girls from work was fabulous. they had a custom cake, fake hardhat and tools, and all the hoses, shovels and laser levelers i could ask for.

saturday, after we checked out a few places for house stuff and updated registries at a couple of stores, we got ready for a night out on the town. dinner out and then over to ecu for their most recent musical, "urinetown." i was excited to see this unconventional musical and show justin that musicals are not just "rodger and hammerstein" stuff. overall, not bad and definitely not your typical stage show.

sunday, mom and grandma came into town and joined me for my shower at church. my friends got pictures of me and justin, decorated the place and had some great food. it was amazing and such a great time. i should have some more pictures up soon.

and the fun times continue this coming weekend in fayetteville. i'm so excited to see some old friends, and of course, my bridesmaids who are able to be there. it feels impossible that tomorrow is march and we're only about 7 weeks away from the big day. where has the time gone?

okay, that's all for now. gotta start dinner. later, y'all :)

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  1. I can't believe you are getting married in 7 weeks! Congrats, it seems like life is treating you well! Miss ya :o)