Thursday, February 01, 2007

the last few days of being 23...

so it's less than a week until my birthday, and oddly enough, i keep forgetting this.

it might be because we're in the middle of the last big push of wedding planning. in addition to my fayetteville birthday theater performance at the CFRT (this year it's rodger and hammerstein's "Cinderella") we also have a hair run-through, a meeting with the florist and with the rental people for tables, chairs and tents. We'll also meet with people at the church to start planning the ceremony, and we did have a wonderful first meeting with our pastor last weekend. It was so good to see Carl, Mary Ellen and Ellen again--I know they will make the wedding wonderful!

i should be back in time for the super bowl party on sunday afternoon, and though i don't have any huge plans for my birthday, the bridal showers and bridesmaid parties over the next few weeks should make up for it.

it's been incredibly busy at work as i received several new referrals and finished up my case study for the first review period on my LCSW. things don't seem like they'll slow down anytime soon, but i did enjoy watching the kids play in our brief snow flurry this morning. if only it had stuck...

that's about all i have time for now. later, y'all :)

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