Sunday, September 14, 2008

after careful consideration...

we have named her pepper. i realize that's not a name i listed before, but it had been mentioned early on and we thought it was just fitting.

she's slowly learning it. next step is working on some basic commands.

now here's a question for those of you who REALLY know me. what movie also features a character named pepper that was a movie favorite from my childhood? i mean, i've got milo (named after the orange tabby in "milo and otis.") it was only fitting that we had a character name from this movie as well--our VHS copy of it was worn out from the number of times i watched it over and over and over again as a kid.


  1. i like it! I cannot think of the movie though...I vaguely remember one that involved a dog named Pepper but only Benji comes to mind...great choice though!

  2. 101 Dalmations

    Cute name. :)