Wednesday, September 17, 2008

quick mid-week post

so in case you're still wondering about the origins of pepper's name--it's from my favorite childhood movie of all time... "annie"! pepper was one of the orphans (and a stubborn, sassy one at that--quite fitting for our stubborn, sassy puppy.)

i've included my favorite song just in case you needed a refresher. sigh...

the remainder of our week has been busy, but with typical stuff that will keep us busy throughout the fall. with school in session, i meet with clients and families only in the afternoons. that means that i have fairly relaxed mornings and early afternoons, but once the school bells ring, i'm on the job! this does mean later dinners and not as much free time in the evenings, and now that youth group has started back up AND i'm doing clinical supervision in the evening,'s a full schedule! i'm enjoying it, though, and feel quite productive :)

we are quite excited to be heading back to the beach this coming weekend with my family. we're going through our accreditation process right now and it's been a little hectic. i'm looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the beach one last time.

not sure it'll be beach weather, though--not that i'm complaining. the crisp air that greeted us this morning was such a welcome change and i cannot WAIT for fall to be here. i've always been a big fan of fall--positive memory associations with football, marching band, comfy jeans and long-sleeved t's. my camp cheerio trips were an awesome way to get in the fall spirit, and i'm looking forward to fall festivals, pumpkin patches and corn mazes. i'm even a fan of the "fall flavored" food and drinks--give me cinnamon/apple/pumpkin/sweet potato ANYTHING and i'm set. yay fall!

and finally, new fall tv is coming up! i've got the DVR ready and waiting...

that's all for now. later, y'all.

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