Tuesday, September 09, 2008

a new family member (on a trial basis)

so i've been bugging justin for a dog since june, when i had way too much time during the day and spent hours searching humane society websites to find the perfect dog.

well, i found this one :) she's from a family that wasn't able to take care of her anymore and couldn't give her the attention that she needed for basic discipline and potty training. they got frustrated and so...we're trying it out. she's smaller than both cats (which allows them to maintain the physical upperhand), walks decently on a leash, is a mix of chihuahuas (both long-haired and short) and will have a name once we've determined that she's staying.

but look at those eyes...

we'll see how she does through the night...


  1. She is cute and you could name her Dora...hahah J/K too many cartoons