Sunday, October 12, 2008

another busy weekend...

but at home this time. those are always better.

friday evening was a night on the town, with dinner out and some shopping/browsing. we hit up petsmart to check out some of the puppy training books and other necessities. one of the things we've realized is that we have a serious lack of knowledge on dog behavior. lots of web articles and several episodes of "the dog whisperer" later, we are getting a lot closer. i quickly realized that i was using all of my "people skills" on a creature that is most certainly not a person and doesn't reason like one. i'm learning a lot now, and it seems to be making a huge difference. i changed our method of walking her the other night, with a shorter leash and keeping her focused rather than letting her wander around on the retractable leash. we actually got a great walk in and she's listening much better to us.

(i also had a blast looking at the winter coats, halloween costumes and outfits for her. can't wait to actually get one!)

saturday morning, i got up and went over to dianne's house to walk pepper with her buddies sally and jewel. she did a great job and it was wonderful to catch up with dianne, too! i came back in time to get cleaned up and head on out to ayden for the re-scheduled collard festival parade for the paper. i must admit, it was a small turn-out and i wasn't feeling really into it. so i got the shots i needed and came back into town to browse some stores and meet up with my former oakwood friends. fast forward to the evening, and it was time for family dinner and going back out to ayden to see mike, justin's step-father, in the community theater production of "the diviners." he did a great job and had lots of family there for support!

today, justin and i went to church and met up with his mom and grandmother there. after lunch, i took pepper out for a fun afternoon. we went to the town commons for a good walk, and then made our way to the off-leash dog park. i had read that it was only a half mile from the town commons, but to be honest, by the time we got there, we were both pretty tired. she perked up around the other dogs, though, and had the best time. it was awesome to see her interacting with all of the other dogs and people. i guess i get nervous that her "crazy" behaviors that we sometimes see at home will affect how she behaves around other dogs and people, but she did great today. she was not up for the walk back to our car, so i got creative and put her in my sling backpack that i brought with me. it made a perfect carrier, and she was able to enjoy the remainder of the walk with her head and front paws poking out of the top of the bag.

isn't she adorable? this is taken with my new lens that came in this week, but i haven't had a chance to really test it in the right light/environment. maybe this week...

unfortunately, milo still hasn't warmed up to pepper. justin had to get the picture of him outside of her gate, complete with puffed up tail.i tried to get a video of their interactions. it really is quite entertaining, when she's running circles around the kitchen and he's just standing there, hissing and spitting every time she runs past him (even though she rarely pays any attention to him during these episodes.)

and just cause i didn't want her to feel left out, here's a cute one of grace that i took this week.

i think that's it for now.

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