Monday, October 27, 2008

blast from the past

i've been in the greenville area, seven years now? so i run in to lots of familiar faces, even if i can't immediately place them. with my work at the reflector, that is definitely the case. i have lots of people that i see and know that i've met them before, but can't place it, and vice versa. a couple of weeks ago, i was taking pictures at the march of dimes chef's auction, one of the most upscale events i've covered thus far. cocktails dresses and tuxes, with some of the best food in the area. one of the local jewelry stores had college-age girls in black dresses circling the room with trays of champagne, and i figured i should get a quick picture of them. so i ask a few to get together for a picture, snap it, and then go in for the names.

the first one is a girl that was a year behind me in high school. i remembered she had gone to ecu, and had seen her a couple of times over the years. it was cool to see her and i said quickly, "oh hey, good to see you," moving on to the next girl. the second girl said her name, and as i wrote it down, something clicked in my head. i looked up at her, and she was like, "yeah, it's me."

this was a girl that is now 19 that was one of my favorite... nine year olds? when i worked the after school and summer programs at snyder. i could not believe it! she said, "i had this drawing where you wrote out my name in big block letters up in my room for years. you were my favorite counselor!"

i immediately remembered how much time i had spent with this young lady when she was just a kid, and she was an amazing girl! but above all...

i felt old.

i mean, i'm not old. but when you see this gorgeous college sophomore standing in front of you, and you can remember when she was this curly-haired tomboy hanging out with you in the arts and crafts makes you realize how many years have past and how much has changed.

ever have those moments?

(p.s. i will be husband-less for a couple of nights later on this week. anyone want to get together?)

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