Sunday, October 05, 2008

weekend in review

so here's a brief synopsis of our busy busy weekend...

we had a fabulous "date night" on friday night, complete with a delicious dinner at red lobster (had a gift card from justin's birthday) and then a couple of hours at the fair. we weren't planning on riding any of the rides--we knew it would be crowded--but we did have a fun time browsing the exhibits, visiting the animals and eating some fair food. as justin said, it's not the buckwheat festival, but it was a fun way to spend a few hours on friday night.

saturday morning, i was an "official photographer" for the ALS walk. i had a great time doing this and am so pleased with the results. it's been a long time since i've had 50+ photos in a slideshow, but this one just kept growing as i went through my photos. at any rate, i encourage you to check them out and see what i did on saturday morning!

no pics from dad's move. sorry :) let's just say that it was a lot of work, with lots of stuff, and the boys did a great job. justin showered there and we dressed for the wedding before we got on the road since we knew we'd be cutting it so close. we were running a little late and just barely made it to the wedding on time (literally, the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle as we walked through the doors. luckily, another couple was also late so we weren't entirely alone.) the ceremony was beautiful, and we had a great time seeing some of justin's old friends and spending time with my new work friends. it's so cool how this all worked out, with johnny being one of justin's old college friends and heather being one of my coworkers.

it was also great to see jon and carrie again (our kentucky wedding trip) and to spend some time with them.

and i loved the sparklers! i got out the big camera for this one, though i had the wrong lens on it and had to shoot from way far back (which was fine, i guess, since i didn't want to get in the way of the pro photographers.)speaking of lenses, i have one coming to me sometime midweek. it's a 50 mm f1.8, one of the best values for lenses that i'd read about. for the price, the quality is amazing, and i cannot WAIT to try it out. it's supposed to be fantastic for portraiture and low-light outdoor stuff. i've already talked to a couple of moms who want to do "fall" pictures with their kids or get the christmas card shot done. i'm hoping to line some of those jobs up within the next couple of week, and i'm sure the lens will make a big difference with the results!

i'm sure you're wondering, how's pepper?

well, she's fine. she's still quite energetic and has bursts of crazy running and jumping, but then she can be quite sweet sometimes and just curl up for a nap, like the night that we took this picture.

doesn't she just look content?

alright, time to get stuff ready for the coming week. later, y'all.


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  2. Saw the picture you took of Silas and Chris on Saturday. It looks great!!! I looked at some of your photos on your flickr. VERY GOOD.