Friday, December 26, 2008

and we'll never get lost again

the big news from fayetteville christmas?

we never have a reason to get lost again. the entire family got tomtom GPSs, courtesy of my grandma (who already supplies us with AAA--she's very concerned about road safety and whatnot.)

after our harrowing experience in raleigh last weekend, and the memories of getting lost in durham on the way to duke chapel for ashley's rehearsal--and the fact that we regularly do 9 to 10 hour car rides to WV--this is fabulous.

also received....a NEW VACUUM CLEANER! sorry, kirby dude. no purchase this year (or ever.)

and a camera battery grip that should help my battery and flash last longer for the multi-hour jobs. nice :)

we've had a great time visiting with family, pepper is loving the attention, and we scored some awesome deals doing post-holiday shopping today.

all in all, an excellent christmas.

how were your holidays?

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