Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the end of an era

four and a half years ago, my brother came to ecu. it was my grad school year, and he was newly off of tour with crown. it had been over three years since i had resided within the same zip code as my brother, and we weren't quite sure how this was going to work. it did make visits a bit easier with mom and grandma, as they were able to see us both in one trip!

alan fell into the typical role of most music majors i've known--tons of classes that are worth only one credit, hours and hours of practice, and induction into one of the music fraternities or sororities. though he sometimes learned the hard way (like how to drop a class--or that when you get a parking ticket using MY parking pass, it makes it impossible for ME to register for spring classes...) he found his niche and eventually...
his girl. he met rachel in their freshman dorm. appropriately, they met because he was watching DCI performances and she heard it out in the hallway, recognizing the recordings. it was a match made in heaven. ironically enough, they were also one of my first family members to meet justin, after we ran into each other at logan's roadhouse, both on dates.

there were numerous concerts, games, coordinating of plans. more trips to goldsboro or clinton to meet dad than we can count. rides from the dorm to his car, and back, as well as those moments when he'd call and say, "i can see a car dealership and a gas station. how do i get to the grocery store from here?"

i don't know that we ever planned on attending the same school. we knew there was the possibility of it and that with ecu's social work and music programs, it was particularly likely. even though most of our shared year of high school went fine (i was a senior and he was a freshman), i didn't want it to be another situation of "lauren's little brother." it wasn't--he made it on his own and was quite successful in the music program, becoming a leader in phi mu alpha and taking on a crucial role with the east carteret band.

and school continued on and life continued on. we both got engaged.

and were in each other's weddings.and attended graduations.
and more weddings.

and now, after four and a half years, my brother and his wife are moving out of the zip code to their new home, a spot perfectly between alan's band job and rachel's new accounting career. i helped load a VERY full truck this morning.

they are fabulous pet sitters, wonderful entertainment for long car rides, admirable young adults, and above all, very dear friends. justin and i just wanted to let them know that we will miss them.

and the guest room is available should you want to come visit :)

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