Friday, December 19, 2008

holiday week

it's been a fairly festive week for us. seasonal events going on and everything, ya know?

tuesday night was the Christmas party for the youth group. we had over 40 people participating in the white elephant game, and it took over an hour to get everything settled. i feel like i came out well, snagging a cute wallet on its third steal. it was quite entertaining to see what was popular among all of the students. we took a picture at the end of the evening before everyone headed home.

we met again the next night to go caroling at a nursing home with the children's ministry group. after walking through the hallways, singing some traditional carols and some new favorites (we totally rocked out to "feliz navidad") we also got a chance to visit with some of the residents. can i say how awesome these kids are? most teenagers would be very uncomfortable walking around a nursing home and striking up conversations with the residents. these are amazing students and they did a great job making some new friends and visiting some of the people that they remembered from last year.

last night, justin surprised me by coming home with roses and chocolates. it was the fourth anniversary of our first "date" at starbucks. i had completely forgotten about it, but he remembered and got some major brownie points with the flowers and candy. every year, we've tried to go back to starbucks and get something to drink, since we didn't go in for coffee that first day. i MUST recommend the salted caramel hot chocolate. sounds weird, but the combination of flavors was amazing! i enjoyed every drop of it. then, we drove around and looked at christmas lights, now an annual tradition for us. we headed to the east side of town this year and were somewhat frustrated by the lack of holiday displays. we ended up having better luck with the neighborhoods near us as we came back home!
and tonight, we have our Bible study small group party. should be a good time!

hope everyone enjoys their last full weekend before Christmas!

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