Tuesday, June 23, 2009

baby joshua

i had the best time (as always!) with david, lynn and joshua this evening. it was also great to meet lynn's parents and have jessica, one of my youth group kids, watch part of the session. she's going to be working with me for her senior project on photography, and we're excited about exploring different techniques in taking photos.

i had spotted this new location over on 10th st. and asked lynn and david if they would help me test it out. i'd seen it used in a couple of other local photo blogs that i follow and wanted to try it for myself. love the variety of textures, colors and the lighting--could've done without the bugs! but it was worth it for these shots...

then we headed back to david and lynn's place for some "studio" time.

there are tons more on flickr, so please click over on the right and check them out!


  1. Anonymous4:59 AM

    I'm speechless except to say that I LOVE them all! They're awesome, you're awesome, my baby's awesome! I'm so excited!

    :) :) :) :) :)