Friday, June 19, 2009

a slight issue..

this is our sycamore tree. we planted it about a year and a half ago. planting trees are important in our neighborhood because there aren't any otherwise. our house was built in the middle of a big tobacco field (or squash/pumpkin, based on some of the plants that have come up in the undeveloped areas.) the tree is doing great as far as growth, but when i got home from VBS last night, justin shared that we have a slight... um, issue? with our dear sycamore tree.
yeah, that trunk is not supposed to look like that. no sirree...

definitely not like that...
oh. dear.

any suggestions? justin says we can call animal control (since we believe they are honeybees) and they'll come out and do the whole smoking them out deal. why they chose our poor, not-even-two-years old sycamore tree is a mystery to me.

and just so it doesn't feel left out, here's our pin oak that we planted at the same time. it's having a tough time and spent the majority of the spring in a horizontal (rather than vertical) position. it's incredibly flexible, though, and hasn't broken even though the huge support poles we tied to the trunk did. we're now trying to stake it, which works until it rains, and then the soft ground makes the stakes move and we start all over again.
but seriously, those bees? any suggestions?


  1. Chris says they were at camp one year--but they were a moving colony--here one day and gone the next. I guess give them a few days, and then perhaps call animal control.

  2. oh my holy geez - STAY AWAY FROM THAT TREE - that's my cool, calm, and collected voice... and the only advice I have.

  3. That's crazy Lauren! Be careful!